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2019 a Record Year for Grenada CIP: Real Estate Outpaces Donations For the First Time in 4 Years

The Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme (GCIP) raised EC$166 million in 2019, 13% more than its 2018 record. Driving the upward trend was a sharp uptick in real estate investments during the fourth quarter. The GCIP received 373 applications in 2019, 60 more than in 2018, the previous record year. Of those, the Grenada CIU rejected 44, a refusal rate of about 12%. The CIU’s decisions resulted in 814 new citizens. Grenada’s real estate option appears to be enjoying a renaissance; in the fourth quarter, the number of investors who opted for property invested exceeded that of those choosing donations,...

How Spain Became a Golden Visa Powerhouse Without Even Trying

This next September will mark seven years since the Law 14/2013 of Support For Entrepreneurs And Their Internationalization (the Spanish “Golden Visa” Law) entered into force in Spain. The Spanish Administration has not still published the figures for the full year of 2019 but, in the first half of the year alone, Spain approved 848 applications for residence by investment, making it the second-most applied-to investment migration program in Europe during the period, surpassed only by that of Greece, which has a real estate investment option significantly lower in price terms.  This success may reasonably constitute the basis of making investment migration a policy-priority and...

Citizenship Investors Now Raise $250m a Month for Turkey, According to Ministry of Interior

The volume of applications to Turkey’s citizenship by investment program (CIP), as reported by the government, defies belief; nearly 25,000 new citizens in 17 months. In September last year, Turkey’s Interior Ministry said 2,611 investors and 7,351 dependents had obtained citizenship by investment under Turkey’s CIP in the first year since investment requirements were reduced from US$1 million to US$250,000. Those figures came as a shock to the RCBI-world; seemingly out of nowhere, the program had become the world’s most popular CIP, the absence of a visa-waiver agreement with Schengen notwithstanding. Now, a recent set of data from the government put to...

How China’s Investment Migration Market Will React to Higher Investment Requirements

Faced with rising minimum investment requirements among residence and citizenship by investment programs across the globe, China’s IM market will respond in one of three ways. Just as we rang in the new year, Singapore set off the opening salvo on 2020 investment migration (IM) program price hikes, and several other programs have hinted at intentions to follow suit. We needn’t look far for examples: The Greek government has publicly contemplated a doubling of required amounts for its golden visa program; the Australian government says it believes requirements for its SIV are too low; the US EB-5 program recently raised prices by 80%. How...

Malaysia’s MM2H World’s Largest Investor Visa in 2019 Following Record Year

Investors filed 7,904 applications for the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program in 2019, according to the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture reports The Malaysian Reserve. While the number of approved applications is, as yet, unknown, the program has historically had a very low rejection rate and we may presume the final approval figure will be less than 10% below that of applications. The number makes the MM2H the world’s largest investment migration program by a wide margin; number two on the list in 2019 was the US EB-5 program, which approved 3,659 applications (as measured by I-829 forms). Mainland...

Where Will Investment Migration Be When the Virus-Dust Settles?

As with most of the world, I am working from my home office and trying to make sense of the global pandemic that has overtaken the world-changing the way we live and making us re-examine our priorities. It has only been a short while since governments introduced drastic measures to counter the effects of the coronavirus and only time will tell if these actions have been successful.The impact of the coronavirus had led to governments shutting down borders, imposing quarantines, and limiting mobility. The knock-on effect, such as airlines reducing their number of flights, supermarkets running out of key supplies,...

The 4 Reasons Chinese Investor Migrants Don’t Physically Relocate

As the global investment migration heavyweight, China accounts for some two-thirds of applicants globally. In the last decade alone, more than 57,000 Chinese together spent at least US$44 billion on the residence by investment programs. But only a tiny proportion of those actually moved to their new country of residence/citizenship. Each year, hundreds (if not thousands) of Chinese investor migrants see their permanent residence permits canceled over their failure to meet physical presence requirements, typically in places like Australia and Canada. In this article, we’ll try to dissect the reasons why Chinese investors are so often migrants on paper only. #1 –...

The UK is Open for Chinese Entrepreneurs

An interview with a regulated UK immigration advisor  Are you a business owner who would like to provide a better quality of life for your family, and expand your business at the same time? Then look no further than the United Kingdom, through the Representative of an Overseas Business visa route. Beyond Residence & Citizenship, a UK investment immigration firm can help you move to the UK in a matter of months, if you meet the requirements. We asked Polina Revzina, Partner of Beyond Residence & Citizenship, and a licensed UK immigration advisor with many years of experience in the...