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Are You Struggling To Find Quality Agents?


Find out how China Offshore can introduce you to new intermediaries and agents for your project or services.




By Matthew Sumner

From the months of September to December 2020, China Offshore received 694 requests from different Chinese intermediaries and agents for golden visa and citizenship qualifying projects.

In the process of over 1000 conversations with intermediaries and agents that we have spent 10 years building relationships with, they disclosed to us their pains and struggles in working with immigration solution providers like you.

What we heard, blew our minds.

Here’s a quick summary of the findings.

Note, if you are one of these project owners who has done these things, please don’t contact us as we can’t help you.

The list of most shocking things that the intermediaries and agents said have happened to them:

- They have been defrauded of millions of RMB of commission

- Their clients have bought properties but never received property deeds

- Project owners cut them out of the deal and stole their clients

- Project owners took money for properties and then disappeared.

This all speaks to the most important rule of business, especially in Asian cultures: TRUST.

Can your agents trust you?

For conversation's sake, let's say that they can.

Now you need to be ready to help them with the following challenges:

- Intermediaries/agents don’t always have high enough English language capability to work directly with high-quality project owners & service providers remotely.

Do you have Chinese-speaking staff in China to help them?

Intermediaries/agents' clients expect fast response times. They need answers from project owners & service providers during their China work hours and under short notice. 

Can you answer questions from intermediaries/agents within 4-6 hours?

Intermediaries/agents need support for application processing as there are significant differences with Chinese clients’ background checks compared with European or Middle East clients.

Do you have experience with Chinese applicants?

Intermediaries/agents need a project owner that understands the unique characteristics of Chinese investors’ mentality and backgrounds

Will the agents/intermediaries feel that you understand them?

-Some intermediaries & agents have the client resources but need additional professional training & support from project owners to convert their clients.

Can you provide the training and support necessary to convert these end clients?

If you don’t have at least 3-4 new qualified agents and intermediaries agreeing to actively sell your project to their HNW clients every month, you’re leaving money on the table.

These intermediaries and agents are the gateways to the 2 million families expected to immigrate from China in the next 3 years.

Book a complimentary call with me today to find out how to reach high-quality agents that will aggressively sell your projects & services.