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A business-friendly environment that is ripe with opportunities, yet where one can safely invest and cater for asset protection and wealth planning, and perhaps take up a secondary residence or citizenship is an investor’s paradise. Malta, an island nation located at a crossroads between Europe and North Africa is increasingly being eyed by Asian investors as an ideal destination for investment.   The Republic of Malta is strategically located at the heart of the Mediterranean, just a 2-hour flight away from most European capitals. Maltese is the national language common to most natives; however, English is an official language as...

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European Commission Steps Up Infringement Procedures Against Malta, Cyprus' ‘Golden Visa’ Schemes

The European Commission has taken further steps in its infringement procedure against Malta’s ‘golden passports’ scheme, warning the country that Malta is failing to fulfil its obligations towards the EU treaties with its citizenship programme.   Last year, Malta phased out the controversial IIP scheme and replaced it with a new scheme that the government says focuses more on residency and can lead to citizenship.   But the European Commission had launched infringement proceedings and asked Malta to provide a detailed explanation.   The government had replied to the EC last year, telling it that Malta would not cede on...

Bulgaria Enhances its Citizenship Program

    Find out how China Offshore can introduce you to new intermediaries for your project or services.           Amendments introduce new investment options and improved processing.   March 12, 2021 — Today, in the Bulgarian State Gazette, the recently voted bill on amending the legislation governing the country’s Investor Program for Residence and Citizenship was promulgated. Among the changes are new investment options and requirements, abolishment of the original government bond option, modified application procedure, and improved processing times.   The amendments are largely in response to the recommendations of the European Commission, which are aimed at streamlining and...

Malta, the 2nd Safest Country in the World & Safest Country in Europe

  Find out how China Offshore can introduce you to new intermediaries for your project or services.         Malta retains its coveted title as the safest country in Europe for the second time.   According to the 2019 Global Wealth Migration Review, published by the New World Health, Malta ranked second globally and first in Europe.   Several criteria determined the outcome of the report. A few include; wealth growth, economic growth, press freedom, and women’s safety. The study focused on the movements of the wealthiest men and women.   Among other European countries, Malta maintained its status as a...

Passport Papers: ‘To the clients, we say do the bare minimum’

  Find out how China Offshore can introduce you to new intermediaries for your project or services.       A Henley & Partners representative has admitted to advising passport buyers to “do the bare minimum” when it comes to satisfying the criteria for the scheme.     In an undercover video shot by The Guardian, Henley & Partners’ Dominic Volek explained how the one-year residency requirement does not mean passport applicants must live in Malta for the entire year.     “But in order to establish genuine links to the country, the government does want any adult applicants to spend at least three weeks...

Defending What Is Ours By Right

By: Alex Muscat   My role as a parliamentary secretary enables me to encounter many individuals daily. Recently, one individual explained to me how her daughter was able to keep abreast of online learning thanks to one, simple step: we have provided her with a tablet to continue her education and stay connected.   This tablet initiative was made possible only through funds achieved by means of foreign direct investment. We have provided laptops and tablets to children who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds with the aim to give all students the same opportunity for education.   There is no...

Changes to the Malta Residency and Visa Programme Announced

By Kenneth Camilleri The Malta Residency Visa Agency (MRVA) today announced changes to the Malta Residency and Visa  Programme (MRVP), paving the way for a new permanent residency programme to be introduced.   Subject to Parliamentary approval next week, the MRVP will be replaced with a new programme called Malta Permanent Residence Programme and it will be governed by a new agency - Residency Malta Agency.   The current MRVP will continue to run until the end of March, following which all new applications will fall under the new regulations.   The launch of the new programme will not affect existing applications submitted...

'Golden Passports': Malta Takes 67 Days to Respond to EU

By NIKOLAJ NIELSEN   Two dozen letters have been exchanged between the European Commission and Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Malta over their controversial 'Golden Passport' schemes, by which rich foreigners can gain EU citizenship for large sums of money.   The letters - sent over the past 12 months - offer fresh insight into how the European Commission is trying to clamp down on a scheme it says violates EU rules.   It also shows how slow some of the states are to respond to the inquiries - with Malta taking 67 days to respond to the commission's first letter, followed by...

Investing In Your Future

By Julian Bartolo   With the possibility of obtaining a second residence or citizenship by investment, applicants and their families are choosing to migrate permanently to other countries. Business, education, better healthcare and political or social disturbances are only a few of the reasons these individuals opt to relocate to another country. Others need assurances and a default ”plan b” in the event of uncertain times.   Obtaining dual citizenship or a second residency is more than just a document in hand. Although the advantages vary from one programme and jurisdiction to another, the results of investing in citizenship &...