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Investor Visa For Italy – Get Italian Residency & Citizenship By Investment

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By Schengen Visa Info
The Investor Visa for Italy is a two-year, renewable visa for foreign nationals intending to make a large investment or donation in Italy.
As one of the largest economies in the world as well as a strategic pathway to the European Single Market, in recent years, Italy has taken action trying to paint itself as an attractive location for foreign investors.
One of these steps was introducing a special tax regime, which is particularly targeted towards holders of the Investor Visa for Italy.
This article will detail the application process and requirements for an Italian Investor Visa.
Who Is Eligible for an Investor Visa for Italy?
You are eligible for an Italian Investor Visa if you are a non-EU citizen, and make a single investment into one of the following:
·         A Government Bond issued by the Italian Republic.
·         A company incorporated and operating in Italy.
·         An innovative startup; or
·         You make a philanthropic donation.
You can support public interest in the fields of culture, education, immigration management, scientific research, preservation of cultural and natural heritage.
Your investment has to be directed to one entity. In exceptional circumstances, such as a donation for social projects or research which involves more than one participant, a donation to more than one entity may be accepted.
As of 2018, the minimum investment you are required to make to qualify for the visa was lowered by half, going from €1 million to €500,000 for investments in companies operating in Italy, and from €500,000 to €250,000 for investment in a startup.
Additionally, to be eligible you must have no criminal record and your financial assets must have been acquired legally, be transferable, and in your name.
How to Apply for an Investor Visa for Italy?
The application for an Italy Investor Visa is separated into two parts:
·         The online application for a Nulla Osta (certificate of no impediment)
·         The application for a visa at the Italian Embassy or Consulate.
Once you get the visa, you can travel to Italy and receive a Residence Permit, allowing you to live in Italy long-term.