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Labuan Based Offshore Fund Launched, targeting high growth and technology sector

          By GetNews   On 1st January 2021, Venture Alliance Investment Fund (L) Berhad (“VAI” or “The Fund”) had announced the launch of an offshore private equity fund – VAI Fund, offered only to professional investors. VAI is incorporated as a Private Fund in Labuan International Business and Financial Center (“Labuan IBFC”). Labuan IBFC is regulated by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (“Labuan FSA”).   With the launch of the VAI, we’re bringing unique opportunities to the market that give investors exposure to companies with pioneering technologies and innovative business models which we identified as undervalued and mispriced,” said Elven...

European Commission Steps Up Infringement Procedures Against Malta, Cyprus' ‘Golden Visa’ Schemes

The European Commission has taken further steps in its infringement procedure against Malta’s ‘golden passports’ scheme, warning the country that Malta is failing to fulfil its obligations towards the EU treaties with its citizenship programme.   Last year, Malta phased out the controversial IIP scheme and replaced it with a new scheme that the government says focuses more on residency and can lead to citizenship.   But the European Commission had launched infringement proceedings and asked Malta to provide a detailed explanation.   The government had replied to the EC last year, telling it that Malta would not cede on...

China stock market debacle: why this mutual fund is calling it an investment opportunity

By Sanchari Ghosh   Indian Mutual Funds that invest in China and the Greater China region have been vastly affected due to the recent volatility in Chinese stock markets. Panic selling among investors has resulted in a sharp fall in NAV for such funds.   The sell-offs were led by regulatory actions against the country's tech giants and more recently, a crackdown on Chinese private education companies.   However, Edelweiss MF, which runs the largest China-linked fund in India, says that the 'short term volatility has opened long-term valuation opportunities'.   In fact, the fund house suggests that "investors who have...

The G7 agreement on a global minimum tax will further squeeze the Caribbean

  Find out how China Offshore can introduce you to new intermediaries for your project or services.       By Bruce Zagaris   As the G7 meetings concluded in Cornwall, England, one outcome was an agreement on a global minimum tax. This initiative will further squeeze the Caribbean just as it is struggling to recover from the harm the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked on tourism, the region’s main economic sector.   May 20, 2021, represented somewhat of a turning point in this regard. The United States Department of the Treasury proposed a 15 percent rate as a starting point for the Organization of Economic...

EB-5 Investor Visa Update

  Find out how China Offshore can introduce you to new intermediaries for your project or services.       While the news on the EB-5 investor visa appears promising, Congress has still failed to reauthorize the EB-5 regional center program beyond its June 30, 2021, sunset date.   Reduced Minimum Investment Amount   A federal district judge has struck down the 2019 EB-5 “modernization” regulation, finding the rule was invalid because it was enacted by DHS officials who were appointed to their posts in violation of the 1998 Federal Vacancies Reform Act (FVRA). Behring Co., the operator of Behring Regional Centers, brought suit...

China Permanent Residence Application: Explaining the Process in Shanghai

  Find out how China Offshore can introduce you to new intermediaries for your project or services.       We explain the China permanent residence application process, with a focus on Shanghai, and benefits for foreigners living and working in the city.   Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing travel bans, many foreigners working in China have begun to consider applying for a Chinese “Green Card”, or permanent residence ID card. With the card, an expatriate will be able to enter China just like Chinese citizens, without going through visa formalities.   Holders of a Foreigner Permanent Residence ID Card are not...

Dominica's Citizenship by Investment Resort Secret Bay Records Highest Sale on Island

  Find out how China Offshore can introduce you to new intermediaries for your project or services.       The Commonwealth of Dominica has quickly become a desired destination amongst property investors seeking a secluded and safe destination. The Residences at Secret Bay, one of the island's award-winning resorts, recently recorded its highest sale ever witnessed in the country. Secret Bay's villa, sold for US$7.1 million, boasts a dramatic cliff-top location with a view of the Caribbean Sea.   Secret Bay operates under Dominica's Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme, enabling citizenship to those who invest in approved real estate on the island....

Hong Kong driving UK golden visa activity during the pandemic

Find out how China Offshore can introduce you to new intermediaries for your project or services.       By Prof. Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj   Research by Astons, the international experts on real estate, residency, and citizenship through investment, has revealed the international makeup of the super-wealthy heading to the UK during the pandemic via the UK Tier 1 Investor visa.   The analysis shows that the number of main applicants for the program was down -20% in Q1 of 2021 when compared to their pre-pandemic level in Q4, 2019. With the number of dependents related to these main applicants also falling by...