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UAE Golden Visa for 1,000 people: Are you eligible?

Find out how China Offshore can introduce you to new intermediaries and agents for your project or services.       By Web Report Dubai   The initiative was launched in a bid to position the fast-developing emirate as a global centre for culture, an incubator for creativity, and a hub for talent. Dubai has announced it will grant cultural visas to 1,000 creators and artists from across the world. The announcement was made on Tuesday by the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, as part of the first-of-its-kind cultural visa initiative launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President...

Achieving Climate Resilience with Citizenship by Investment: Dominica to Complete Geothermal Plant by 2022

Find out how China Offshore can introduce you to new intermediaries and agents for your project or services     By CS Global Partners   The Commonwealth of Dominica's new geothermal plant is expected to be built in 2022. The project is part of the Caribbean island's goal to become the world's first climate-resilient country. It aims to reduce electricity costs for consumers and supply energy to its neighbouring French islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique.   The plant, which is partly funded by the country's Citizenship by Investment Programme, is expected to generate approximately 120 megawatts of electricity when finished. Dominica's Ambassador...

The United Arab Emirates attracts corporate billions to climb tax haven ranking

Find out how China Offshore can introduce you to new intermediaries for your project or services.         By John O'Donnell   The United Arab Emirates, a magnet for the globe's ultra-rich, has also emerged as one of the fastest-growing corporate tax havens, according to a study released on Tuesday that highlighted a $200 billion-plus money flow to the country.   The index by the Tax Justice Network, which highlights countries that attract companies to shrink their tax bills, added the United Arab Emirates to its top-10 ranking that includes Switzerland and Bermuda.   Britain's offshore territories the...

What Commissions Do Caribbean Citizenship Programs Pay Agents?

By Christian Nesheim   A long-time reader raises an important question:   How much do the different Caribbean CIPs pay in commission to agents?    I am getting conflicting figures from different sources.   That’s a more difficult question to answer than you might think, for the following reasons:   First, different CIUs define “agents” differently. All five Caribbean programs have accredited local agents, who are authorized to submit applications. Several programs also have international marketing agents, and some have government marketing agents. In some instances, the government pays the commission to the local agent, while in others they pay it to the international marketing agent...

Dr. Steve Fanny passes away President, finance minister, FSA chair send condolences

By Gerard Govinden   Seychelles has lost one of its brightest minds in the offshore sector, Dr Steve Fanny, who passed away on March, 13th. He was 50 years old.   According to a police communique, Dr. Fanny’s body was found where he was staying in Pointe Au Sel after they had been alerted at around 3.30 pm. The police added that he died from a presumed hanging and they have already opened an investigation and an autopsy will be performed to establish the cause of his death.   Dr. Fanny was the chief executive of the Financial Services Authority (FSA),...

Investment Treaties and Their Role in Protecting Chinese Investors

By Jern-Fei Ng, Stephen Peng, Lan Li, Hussein Haeri and Christina Liew   What is investment treaty protection?   Modern investment treaties as we know them have been around for approximately 60 years. In addition to providing qualifying international investors with substantive protections against unfair treatment, discrimination, and asset expropriation by the host State into which they have invested, one of the key benefits of investment treaties is that they allow investors – companies and even natural persons – to bring arbitration claims directly against States for wrongful treatment of their investments.   This innovation in the world of international dispute resolution originated in the early...

Dominica Blacklisted as a Non-cooperative Jurisdiction for Tax Purposes by the EU Council

By Dominica News Online   Dominica has been added to the list of jurisdictions that are considered non-cooperative for tax purposes by the European Union (EU) Council.   On Monday, February 22, 2021, the council announced that the tax blacklist was due to Dominica receiving a “‘partially compliant’ rating from the Global Forum and has not yet resolved this issue.”   According to a press release, a jurisdiction can be blacklisted if they have “not engaged in constructive dialogue with the EU on tax governance or failed to deliver on their commitments to implement the reforms necessary to comply with a set...

Bank of Asia Powered Up for Its New Chapter of Growth

By Bank of Asia   Mrs. Lorna Smith, OBE welcomed the Bank's guests on behalf of its Chairman, Mr. Carson Wen, and the other members of the Board of Directors.   Chairman of BVI Finance and Regional Managing Director of Trident, Mr. Nick Bishop in his brief remarks, expressed his pleasure and gratitude that the principals of Bank of Asia had taken the decision to open a bank in the BVI. He considered the advent of the Bank of Asia to be a positive story and encouraged the industry to support the Bank.   President of the Bank Ms. Lisa...