Jonathan Cron is CEO of New Zealand Foreign Trust Services (NZFTS) and past President of the New Zealand Trustee Association in New Zealand, and has been a well-regarded figure in New Zealand’s Trustee and Foreign Trust industry for over 20 years. NZFTS is a privately owned business with independent specialists in the formation of New Zealand based trusts for offshore clients. 

Jonathan’s ability to create innovative trust structures is drawn from his extensive experience and qualifications. His credentials include an M.B.A, a Graduate Diploma in Management and, a Graduate Certificate in Management. Jonathan is also a Member and Associate of the Executor and Trustee Institute (Australia) as well as Honorary Life Member and Fellowship of New Zealand Trustees Association (NZTA). 

New Zealand: Clean Air and Transparent Trusts

Known around the world for its clean environment, New Zealand is also rated as ‘very clean’ for its transparent approach to law and politics. A politically stable country in the South Pacific with a highly sophisticated legal and banking system, New Zealand currently sits at first place (out of 180 countries) in the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index 2017. Additionally, New Zealand has embraced the OECD financial reporting standards under CRS and is demonstrating practicable leadership for other countries to model from.

The willingness for transparency and due diligence involved with trust compliance allows New Zealand to offer some of the worlds greatest opportunities for wealth and asset protection. New Zealand trust law specifically creates unique benefits when establishing a New Zealand Foreign Trust, namely special recognition on the role of the Protector/Appointor.

New Zealand Trust Law requires diligent compliance, but has its advantages. A high degree of specialist knowledge and personal integrity is necessary to achieve them. Balancing very specific long-term goals of families, stringent compliance and various demands imposed by settlors’ international jurisdictions requires particular skill, but is entirely achievable.

New Zealand Foreign Trust Services

While many advisors may find compliance daunting, it is careful structuring and diligent record keeping that NZFTS are exceptional at. It’s this expertise and experience that allows settlors to tap into benefits unrealised by others.

Having reviewed many foreign trusts over the years NZFTS has adopted highly robust and proactive administration systems to ensure that the trust remains compliant throughout the lifetime of the trust.

The business is built on a foundation of lasting relationships with individuals, families and intermediaries – often spanning generations. They work together with a one-team approach, as they focus on determining a trust’s direction and structure that provides optimal outcomes for everyone.

Capturing clients’ wishes and current financial position in real time and with accuracy is essential to creating an impartial, confidential and successfully engineered trust. Due process enables a legally compliant and enduring trust structure, which most importantly should deliver the outcome and best interests that the client actually seeks.

To learn more about achieving a compliant New Zealand Foreign Trust, please visit the website on or email - all communications will be replied to within 24 hours.