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Investments funds: Malta and Other EU Domiciles

Malta has experienced consistent growth in the funds sector since the jurisdiction's accession to the EU in 2004, such that today it is legitimate to consider the country as a mature, well-established domicile rather than an emerging one. In fact the jurisdiction now hosts around 700 funds pursuing a variety of strategies, as well as a complete ecosystem of support services providers such as fund administrators, law firms and audit firms. The sector has now evolved to the point where managers are not just using the country as a domicile for funds, but are also increasingly looking at the jurisdiction...

Preserve Your Wealth with BVI

By Simon Filmer Trusts are an alien concept to many Chinese high net worth individuals but these structures represent an attractive option for a generation of entrepreneurs looking for succession planning solutions offshore. The prototype Chinese HNWI is first-generation wealthy - an entrepreneur who has built his fortune in recent years. He is also likely to be concerned about threats to his wealth, and for good reason. "Know your client" is common parlance in financial services:  It is generally used in the context of compliance, and involves obtaining sufficient knowledge and supporting documentation to ensure that individuals and companies are who they...

A Detailed Look at British Virgin Islands' Trust and Succession to Assets

By Raymond Davern. A Flourishing Trusts Jurisdiction. The British Virgin Islands ("BVI") has had a flourishing trusts sector for over 50 years beginning with the enactment of the Trustee Ordinance in 1961 which was based on English trust law at that time. Since then, BVI trust law has twice been substantially modified by legislation designed to enhance the flexibility and utility of the trust product as a wealth management vehicle.   These factors, coupled with the comparatively low cost of establishing and maintaining BVI trust structures have made the BVI a popular choice for settlors seeking to manage their wealth...

Analysis of Expert Services Offered in the British Virgin Island

By Henry Mander. The British Virgin Islands ("BVI") forms an archipelago of approximately 60 islands in the middle of the Caribbean chain. For a number of decades it has been one of the world's leading international finance centres, having formed or registered in the region of 950,000 corporate vehicles, limited partnerships, trusts and other structures.  In 2000 the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office commissioned the accounting firm KPMG to conduct a survey of the British offshore territories and the subsequent report indicated that amazingly 41 percent of the world's offshore structures were registered in the BVI. This was followed by...

BVI Trust Legal Updates

By Chris McKenzie. BVI Trust.In addition to being the world leading corporate domicile, the BVI has for some time now been regarded as one of the premier international financial centres in which to set up trusts and the attraction of the BVI as a trust jurisdiction has been significantly enhanced by new trust legislation which came into effect as recently as May 2013. The trust is a creature which evolved centuries ago in England in order to hold title to land and personal possessions. Typically, nowadays, a trust will be set up when a person (known as the settlor) transfers...

TMF Group

The world is changing; company formations are no longer just about price and speed. You want to work with a company that has the size, global reach, processes, systems and compliance infrastructure to ensure excellent service combined with the security of your client data.  We set up corporate entities on behalf of professionally qualified intermediaries, with solutions including all aspects of onshore, mid-shore and offshore companies for inbound and outbound international business, as well as registered office and registered agent services and any related post-incorporation undertakings. We are local, dedicated specialists that act as your single point of contact no...

The Austrian Holding Regime

Austria, at the gateway between East and West, is a perfect hub for making investments into foreign countries tax efficiently. For being able to obtain the benefits of the Austrian Holding Tax Regime there is no need for a special purpose company but any Austrian corporate entity like a GmbH (company with limited liability) or AG (stock corporation) as well as Austrian permanent establishments of European corporate entities can benefit from the Austrian Holding Privilege.  What are the key features of that Austrian holding regime ? Domestic holding: Intercompany dividends paid between two Austrian companies are tax exempt in the...

Trusts | Foundations In Mauritius

Introduction Strategically located in the Indian Ocean perched on the axis of on the axis of investments from Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Mauritius has throughout the last two decades forged a strong reputation as a premier international financial center.  Although Mauritius is better known as a gateway for the structuring of investments into India and increasingly Africa, it is also increasingly being used by professional advisers and their high net worth clients as a jurisdiction of choice for private wealth management services. The enactment of the Foundations Act in 2012 has widened the choice of structures available...